Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Deals & Steals with Better World Books

As you know, I am a big proponent of buying books at a bargain price. I've absolutely loved downloading bargain e-books with my Bookbub subscription, but sometimes I want to add a new book to my actual shelf. I'm big on browsing the bargain section at our nearby Barnes & Noble, and of course, the best deals can always be found at public library sales. But what about when you have a specific book in mind and you want to find a good deal? Enter: Better World Books. 

My lovely friend Allie introduced me to Better World Books last year, and it has been my go-to online seller for books ever since. There are many reasons why I love buying books from this website, so I thought it was about time that I let you guys in on the secret.

Better World Books is more than just an online bookseller. It's a place where used books are rescued from the sad fate of landfills, where they care about their carbon footprint, and where the mission is to spread literacy worldwide. For every book purchased on their site, one is donated to a literacy cause. Take a minute to explore their website and read about their literacy partners! I love knowing that my purchases are going to good use.

With each purchase, you make an impact and get a book for an amazing price. I love shopping their bargain bin. At only $10 for three books, you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal. Plus, they often have special sales where you'll get a bevy of bargain books for an even better price! I've bought about twenty books from the site so far, and each has been in great condition. Often they are library books taken out of circulation or donated from personal collections, and most of the time you can find the hardcover versions for only $3.98! And did I mention that it's free shipping? Just pay a few cents to offset the carbon from your order, and that's it!

Because I love sharing fun tips with you guys, I want to be honest about everything, and I would be remiss to leave out one the one thing that could cause problems with the site. The shipping takes forever (but it's free, so how much can you really complain?). Usually, I count on at least two weeks before I expect my books to show up at my door. I have yet to be disappointed with an order, and usually my annoyance at their shipping time is just because I'm too excited to get my new books!

I would highly suggest this site for those who are compulsive book-buyers, or those looking to build a specific collection! I know this will be a great resource for me in buying books for my future classroom and would recommend it for teachers too!

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