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  Welcome to Top Shelf Text!

I'm Madeleine, the bookworm behind the blog.

I'm a twenty-something New Englander with an immense love for everything bookish. When I'm not wrapped up in my latest read, I'm working as a special education teacher for students with cognitive disabilities, taking long walks, trying out new recipes, learning to knit, sew, or out on the golf course! I love my kitty, very large mugs of tea, all things Harry Potter, and early bedtimes.

The Mission Behind Top Shelf Text

I love to read, but even more, I love to talk about literature! I was lucky to grow up in a household that is practically filled to the brim with books (seriously, our shelves are perpetually overflowing), and I want to spread that love of reading as much as possible. This is a space for me to share the books I've been loving, those I've been lusting after, and anything related to being a bibliophile!

You'll notice that some of the content here is focused on children's literature. As an educator, one of my biggest goals is to help engage children in loving the written word. Reading is so, so important to healthy development. I cannot begin to describe the joy of seeing a child learn to love reading! Here you'll find recommendations to share with your favorite littles, as well as my favorite reads to add to your own wish list.

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  1. Just started following you today and have purchased two of your recommendations "A Study in Charlotte" and "A Bridge Across the Ocean" on audible to listen to on my morning commute. Love your blog.

    1. Carol,

      I would love to hear what you think of the audio versions! A Bridge Across the Ocean was a particular favorite of mine so far this year. Historical fiction + ghost stories? Sign me up!