Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bibliophile Bucketlist: Admont Abbey Library, Austria

A year from now I'll have my master's degree just within sight, and in a few years I'll (hopefully) be settled into life as a teacher. One of the best parts about being a teacher is that it gives you a bit more time to chase other dreams in the summertime. I'm sure that jet setting around the world won't be realistic for me in my first couple summers as a teacher, but I'd like to think that eventually I'll have the freedom to travel, so I've started to curate my very own bucketlist.

In true bibliophile fashion, I'm curating this bucketlist with books in mind. I'm including places like bookstores, libraries, and famous literary markers that I eventually want to visit, and today I'm kicking it off in a big way with a library that is simply spectacular. 

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This the Admont Abbey Library in Styria, Austria.

It's straight out of Beauty and the Beast, don't you think? This is the library of my dreams. 

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Admont Abbey is the largest monastery abbey in the world, and also the oldest in Styria. It was founded in 1074 by an archbishop and is considered to be not only a center for the preservation of cultural goods but also one of Europe's largest (and greatest) late Baroque works of art.

Needless to say, this one tops my bucketlist.

What's on your bucketlist? Have any places to add to my bibliophile bucketlist? 

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