Monday, July 27, 2015

Middle Grade Books on Top Shelf Text

Happy Monday to you!

Today marks my plunge into three of the busiest weeks of my graduate year, and I am buzzing with energy and excitement! There's something so gratifying about diving headfirst into the things that you love (i.e. education) and despite my current (and future) exhaustion levels, I am ready for the challenge.

I have just a few quick notes today, but come back tomorrow for a new review!


Introducing a new section here on Top Shelf Text: my Middle Grade bookshelf! You can explore all of my favorite middle grade titles (for readers ages 8-12) by clicking the tab above. It's no secret that I adore middle grade books, so I expect that this section will be growing as I add more of my "old" favorites and gush about new finds. I know I've said this before, but I am actually going to add more books to these bookshelves in the future as I expand the blog. I am so lucky to be student teaching in fourth grade this year, as it will give me great access to all of the best chapter and middle grade books! Expect to see lots of content inspired by my new students. 

Also, this photo above is an example of why I delight in middle grade novels. I mean, look at that artwork! I just love the way in which creativity flows through authors of this age group. I haven't read this particular book yet but it's at the top of my list. You can find more gorgeous bookish photos like this on my Instagram (@topshelftext).


My dear friend Lorraine just started her own book blog and it took about thirty seconds for me to become completely infatuated with it. She is equally in love with the world of education and her recommendations are top-notch for those of you with littles in your life. Her latest "Books for Grown-Ups" review is about the book that inspired my current favorite show, The Astronaut Wives Club, and her children's literature reviews are perfect for both parents and educators. Take a peek at her blog when you get a chance!


I'm off to be productive (aka do a million hours of homework), but I'll be back tomorrow and Thursday with two new reviews, and trust me, these are books that you don't want to miss!

Happy Reading!

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