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Children's Review: Max the Brave {with Giveaway!}

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You may remember my excitement (way back in July) over a little picture book called Max the Brave. Sometimes the best picture books are the simplest, and I can tell you that this is one book you want on your shelf, whether you're an early childhood teacher, a parent of young children, or just a children's literature lover. In this, we meet Max, a little kitty who's so cute that sometimes people even dress him up in bows. But don't be misled by his sweet appearance, because Max is actually a fearless kitten who chases mice. The only problem is...he's not sure what a mouse looks like. He goes on a quest to find a mouse to chase, and along the way runs into quite the cast of characters. He asks each one, "Are you mouse?" and each time he is told no, until he comes across a very large, green, and hairy creature who he concludes must be mouse. In this case, curiosity gets Max in a spot of trouble.

The text in this story is very simplistic, great for young listeners and even good for emerging readers to practice their skills! There's repetition throughout and a few moments that are sure to make kids laugh as they listen or read along. I also love the colors and the style of art (Ed Vere is both the author and illustrator) and I can certainly see Max becoming a staple character in early childhood classrooms. It's an excellent book for classroom or library displays as well, as the colors are eye-catching and that illustration of brave little Max makes readers want to learn more! This would also make a great gift for new parents and for children, as it's sure to be one of those bedtime stories that gets requested over and over again.

Bottom Line Rating: 5/5

This book has a ton of resources to go with it -- I love how the team has worked to make this book a really big experience for young readers!

View the trailer here.
View the Max the Brave website here (where you can find the cutest wallpaper downloads!)
Download an activity kit here.
Download educator resources here. (And yes, they're CCSS aligned!!)
Buy the book on Amazon
Buy the book on Barnes & Noble

Something really exciting? The team behind this book is giving away five copies of Max the Brave, along with Max's red cape for one lucky reader to win! The giveaway runs until October 31st, and you can earn up to five entries!
 Enter the giveaway below, and good luck! 
Note: Top Shelf Text was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and participation in the Max the Brave blog tour. All opinions are my own!

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