Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recommended by The Little Prince Project

I wish I could claim that I'm a history buff. The truth is, history is a tough genre for me because often I find my attention wandering while reading. As a part of my Reading Resolutions for 2014, I challenged myself to find a history book that could peak and keep my interest. I haven't delved into any so far, mostly because the two I had picked out are best described as tomes (a.k.a. large, heavy, scholarly books that are not suited for carrying around campus) and I've felt intimidated just looking at them. However, part of being a good reader is knowing when to branch out, and thankfully I've got a bestie who is smitten with American history and inspires me daily to put a little more effort in being an informed citizen, not just with current events but with our country's history as well. Enter my Reading Resolution solution:

The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers by Thomas Fleming

You can read all about this book on Allie's blog, The Little Prince Project, and see for yourself why I went straight to my favorite online bookseller and promptly added it to my ever-expanding shopping cart. It's about time that I got a little more educated about our history, and I can't wait for midterms to be over so I can dive headfirst into a stack of new reads. In the meantime, if you're a lover of history and have any good recommendations for books related to American history, Allie and I would love to hear them!

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