Friday, May 5, 2017

Review: Britt-Marie Was Here

Fredrik Backman is quickly climbing the ranks of favorite authors for me. I adore Backman's characters. They're flawed, genuine, and totally out of touch with society, but their experiences in the world and the way they react to them are what makes these stories so charming to read. If you listened to my featured episode of What Should I Read Next?, then you know that characters are a big element of fiction for me and Britt-Marie Was Here did not disappoint.

Like Ove (Backman's most famous character), Britt-Marie could definitely be described as prickly. Britt-Marie has well established notions on just about every topic -- how people should style their hair, what time is most appropriate to eat dinner, and what brand of window cleaner is the best. Her story begins in the unemployment office, where she's seeking a job for the first time in many years. She's offered a short-term job as the caretaker of a run-down recreation facility in a town that's given up on itself. When she arrives, she discovers that that though the job requires little effort, there's another (more important) role for her to play in the community. This story is full of personality and encourages readers to reflect on their relationships to their own communities and the people who need them most.

Long story short, I loved this book and I hope that you will too.

Bottom-Line Rating: 5/5

Title: Britt-Marie Was Here
Author: Fredrik Backman
Publisher: Atria Books, 2016
Price: $16 on Amazon
ISBN: 1501142534
Format: Hardcover
Source: Public Library

P.S. I just ordered Backman's latest novel for summer reading and I can't wait to dive in.

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  1. I just finished Beartown last night and it was my first book by him!! Ove is next for me but Britt-Marie sounds a bit like Beartown with the community aspects so I can't wait to read it too! You will love the character development in was a 5 star book for me. His writing is incredible!!!