Wednesday, June 22, 2016

More Summer Reading Lists!

Is your summer reading list growing out of control already? 
Just me, then.

School is officially out (we wrapped up the year just yesterday) and I am both incredibly sad about having to say goodbye to my students, mentors, and friends, and incredibly excited for a few weeks of non-existent to-do lists and the beginning of a new chapter! More on that later.

If you're still looking for books to add to your stack of summer reads, I've rounded up a bunch of lists from some of my favorite book bloggers and fellow bookworms. If your list is already monstrous (like mine), then you might want to look away. This post is not going to help you narrow anything down because it is chock-full of even more alluring reads.

I recently posted my 2016 Summer Reading Challenge and Kids' Summer Reading Challenge, both of which I'm completing this summer (along with trying to read most of the summer reading recommendations for my students). I recognize that I'm not the best at completing reading challenges or sticking to my TBR lists, but I'm trying my best to make this summer more about intentionally reading. For that reason, I'm thinking about times of the day when I tend to be scrolling on my phone or watching mindless television, and replacing those moments with time spent reading (or listening to) a book.

I wanted to share a few summer reading lists that I've bookmarked for myself this year, so that you can have even more options when it comes to crafting your own list for this summer.

17 Big, Fat Books for Your Summer Reading // Modern Mrs. Darcy is one of my favorite sites for finding new reads, and Anne's podcast is also my top pick to listen to when I head out for a long walk. I definitely have a few books on this list that I'd like to read, and I think Anne's right when she says that there's no better time for a behemoth of a book than in the summer.

2016 Summer Reading Guide from Anne Bogel (Modern Mrs. Darcy) // Each year, Anne puts together an extremely cultivated and organized summer reading guide. This is the first year that I've browsed it thoroughly, and you can bet that I'll be using it to fill some of the categories for my own challenge this year. (She also has a yearlong reading challenge that is similar to mine in its flexibility). Anne reads hundreds of books (no joke) to make this list, so you know that when she recommends a book, she really means it.

100 Picture Books to Read This Summer // Janssen is another favorite book blogger of mine. She used to be a children's librarian and is now a stay-at-home mom, so you know she's got the knowledge to pick great books for your kids this summer. I'm taking this list with me to my next book sale to scope out titles for my classroom next year, and of course, I'll be using it to influence my library picks all year long.

Your Ultimate Summer Reading List from Real Simple Magazine // This is a favorite publication of mine, so I definitely trust their judgement. There's quite a few books on here that I haven't heard of before too!

ALSC Summer Reading List // This is a great resource for summer reading lists tailored to specific age groups. I'd recommend printing it out and bringing it to the library with you this summer! This is the list that I'll be following to keep up with my students' recommended summer reading.

Education World's Summer Reading Lists & Booktivities // This is another great resource for parents/teachers and also includes ideas for activities to keep kids excited about reading!

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