Monday, January 12, 2015

Looking for a Challenge in 2015?

As I mentioned last week, I will not be setting any reading resolutions for this year. I've already combed through my bookshelves and pulled out a few books that I've always had on my list (for example, this one, this one, and this one) but never felt that I could get done quickly enough to keep up with my normal reading pace. However, that's not to say that I'm not looking for inspiration when it comes to curating my to-read list each month. In browsing through some of my favorite blogs and websites, I've noticed that one common resolution is to read more. My personal anti-resolution may be to read less (or should I say, to focus on the quality rather than quantity of my choices), but if you are looking for some inspiration to help you read more, I've rounded up a few fun challenges from around the web to help get you started.

The Gilmore Girls Challenge

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I've seen this list in a couple places, but Buzzfeed has an article listing all of the books that Rory read  throughout the seasons. I've seen a few episodes of the show here and there, but never consistently watched it. I could tell from those few episodes, though, that Rory is a character after my own heart.

I mean...
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Amen to that.

26 Books with Bringing Up Burns

I love the idea behind this challenge, which is a list that helps you find books to read without telling you exactly what to read (sometimes that kind of list can feel like a syllabus). Some examples from the challenge are: a book with a color in the title, a book with a lion, a witch, or a wardrobe, and a book with a great first line. It's a creative way to find 26 books for your to read list, and I think checking off that list throughout the year would be so fun and such a great way to get your friends talking about reading. You can follow the pre-made list here, or you could even make a list of your own! 

52 Books with Popsugar

This challenge is the same idea as the one above, only with a book for each week of the year. Normally, this is the type of challenge that I would take on to keep me reading consistently. Some of the ideas on the list are: a book that your mom loves, a book more than 100 years old, and a book you can finish in a day. I think it would be extra fun to tackle this list with a few of your friends, then see the variety of titles that you all come up with for each item on the list!

46 Brilliant Short Novels

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Not into reading heavy tomes? I totally get that. This list of short but captivating reads is sure to keep you interested. I like offsetting each big book that I read with something light-- either in subject or in length, so I'll definitely be making use of this list throughout the year. You could use this as your whole goal for the year or even as a challenge to actually read each of these in one day.

5 Books with a Friend Challenge

Not into the idea of being tied to a big list of books? How about pledging to get through five books this year with a close friend? Take some recommendations from the bookworms in your life, browse the library shelves, peruse Oprah's recommendations, set up an account on Goodreads (and then friend me! My username is Madeleine Riley) or just shop your own shelves for books that you've already read and loved, or those books you bought but never got around to. 

Do you have a book that you read and loved this year? Any favorites that you just can't stop recommending to others? Share it in the comments below!

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