Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Currently Coveting {March}

It feels like only yesterday that I was curating my list for February's currently coveting, and now here I am with another few books to add to my wishlist. Thank goodness these months are going by quickly, because I am ready for Spring {and Summer too}! One of my favorite things to do is lay out on my deck or in the hammock and read for hours on end. It's relaxing and the perfect way to unplug, and I am so looking forward to doing that once the temperature warms up {and stays warmed up}.

Here are a few picks that I've had my eye on this month...

Orange Is the New Black by Piper Kerman
A memoir of a year in prison, written by a woman who is the opposite of a hardened criminal. Lately, I've been interested in differing perspectives (and trying to get into memoirs) and this offers up a new way to look at the criminal system and the women who are in it. My mom is currently reading it and I'm waiting to hear her feedback before I dive in.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

I'm not even sure I can give a description of this book that doesn't sound like complete gibberish. Its description (which you can read on Goodreads by clicking the title link) is so intriguing, and it's a whopping 1,168 pages which means that I'd really have to commit some time to it... meaning it may have to wait until summer break.

A Beautiful Blue Death by Charles Finch

I love a good series, and this one is the first of seven mysteries that have caught my eye recently. Here's the problem about reading a series that has seven books out already: I'll want to read all of them in a row, then I'll be sad when I finish and have to wait for the next one (which is actually supposed to be published this year). Here's what I love about this series already: the covers. They are gorgeous and I'm already excited for how great they'll look on my shelves. 

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