Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Books about Books (Or, Bookception)

I recently posted this picture on Instagram with a short blurb about how this book, A Novel Bookstore,  has one of my all-time favorite book covers. I was drawn to it instantly because of that, but the story inside is even more captivating for bibliophiles like myself because the plot revolves entirely around books and characters who spend their lives digging for great literature. The picture prompted a few fellow bookworms to recommend other titles whose stories features books. Suddenly, I realized that there are actually so many books about books (also known as bookception), and that anytime I come across one, I'm almost guaranteed to buy it. Between myself and a few others that feel the same way, we came up with a long list of books that you might want to read, if you're interested in plots of the literary variety.

Books about Books: Read & Recommended by Me

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