Saturday, January 10, 2015

Inspired: Mac Barnett {TED Talk}

When I posted about my latest obsession, I received some great feedback from my readers that led me to think it might be fun to expand the content of Top Shelf Text just a bit this year. (Don't worry, my primary focus is still everything & anything book-related.) I recently took one my state licensure exams for teaching, and as part of my studying I had to learn about online literacy. It's becoming more common for teachers to integrate the internet into their classrooms in the interest of teaching children how to use the internet to inspire their own learning. That led me to reflect, how do I use the web to inspire my own learning? One of the first things that came to mind were TED talks. Hearing experts talk about their passions is so energizing, and often I can find links between my college courses and the things I learn from watching the talks. I love that you can hear about pretty much any topic-- from neuroscience, to astronomy, to marine biology, and of course, education. The education and psychology topics are always my favorite (no surprise there), and I love that they can start great conversations about really important issues. One of my goals for this year is to surround myself with inspiration-- whether it be favorite quotes, beautiful artwork, or enthusiastic role models. Each Saturday, I'll be sharing something on Top Shelf Text that has me inspired, in the hope that it may compel you to feel the same way! 

For my first Inspired post, I'm sharing this talk, which is currently my favorite. I listened to it at the gym last week and it had me laughing out loud (which in turn made me the target of some raised eyebrows from fellow gym-goers...oops!). Not surprisingly, it has to do with books, and it left me feeling so enthused about the power of the imagination and our ability to make everyday life just a little more magical.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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